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Who the heck are you??

Hey friends! I'm Emily. I'm a mom of 3, veteran spouse, lover of animals, lifelong athlete, GOOD decaf coffee fiend, fresh air and sunshine fuel my soul, and have a true passion for helping others feel their most confident and vibrant selves. I have a background in working with kids and young adults with emotional and behavioral disturbances, and after becoming a mama, I redirected this love of helping others to women who wanted to live their best lives.

A little about me:

I've moved 32 times in my life (I'm a pro at the truck packing), the boring details of which I'll spare you, but between my dad playing pro football, moving back home in the off season, moving mid high-school, studies abroad and being a military spouse, I've met people from all over this world, and I wouldn't change a thing! (more on this in my previous post

We love to travel. We are currently renovating a camper and getting ready to embark on an 8000 mile road trip with our 3 littles....we may be a little nuts but according to my vision board and everything I've pinned since I opened my pinterest account, this is exactly what I want to be doing!

With all this traveling and chaos, I knew that I wanted to not just understand how to live a healthy lifestyle on the go, but I wanted to help others to understand what is truly possible. That if you have something that's been on your mind for a while, then there is more out there for you to feel complete and fulfilled!

I have this passion because I haven't always felt complete and fulfilled. For a while there after move #29, I felt completely hopeless, exhausted, lost, and just really really sad. It was difficult for me to put my feet on the ground each morning without crying much less be happy and excited about the day to come. This was not me, but for that time, it was me. Life was running me, I was not running my life. I had a hard time finding joy, keeping it all up until my husband came home from work just to hand over the kids and lock myself in my room for a couple hours or zone out into some tv show that I cared nothing about, eating my giant nightly bowl (or two) of ice cream and numbing myself so I could just stop feeling for a while. Only to get up the next day and do everything, the same way, all over again. It was exhausting and soul sucking. I had more to give. I WANTED to be social like I usually was. I WANTED to go be of value somewhere that was completely and totally mine. I WANTED to feel better in my clothes and in a swimsuit in that damn desert heat!

It took me a while, but being pregnant with my 3rd daughter when my 2nd daughter was only 4 months old, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. I couldn't go on like this, not for me or for them, or for that little bean growing inside me. Damn kids have some powerful pull ❤️

So I started back into a little workout routine. Just enough to make me remember the athlete that I am. The strength that I have. And the drive that I love inside of me to compete and be a part of something bigger. Now I have worked with hundreds of women to really help them focus in on what makes them HAPPY, and living healthy in a way that really works for them in THEIR lives. We leave the ideal of "perfection" behind, and find what is perfect for each person. Because isn't that what this life is all about? Finding how to live true to our own dreams and love ourselves in order to give back to others? We do this with confidence, there is no other way! That's why I'm here.

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