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Half day in person workshop

May 14th


Milwaukie, OR

This is an in person event to create deep community and connection with all individuals. We will be providing ample space between seating, creating individualized snack boards and drink stations, along with care packages at each seat with everything you need to make your day feel full of self care and nourishment.


This workshop will be as much about healing and holding space, as it will be releasing fear and creating hope. We are body positive, accessible, and safe space. This will be an outdoor event.


 We will focus on healing through the collective trauma we are feeling, along with being able to ground yourself in times of deep emotion so that you can move forward. 


Payment plans available -  If you have concerns please reach out. I want this workshop to be as accessible as possible.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Workshop Sign Up


The pillars of Release & Receive

Reground. come back into your body

Name old patterns, reactions, stories.

Release yourself from these ties.

Healing through community. 

Create movement & Space.

Reconnect to your needs.

Choose your next steps. 


How do you move forward when you've been holding onto a story that has been a part of your life for so long? You may be ready to let it go, but how?

You may be ready to create new growth, but need help releasing old habits that have kept you stuck in survival mode.

You may have words in your mind that keep you thinking you are less worthy than you are.

I will hold space for you until you are ready to see that You are worthy.

Your deep joy is worth the work, and even though it can be uncomfortable to grow, you are able to move forward when you are ready.

I will hold space until you are ready to know that You are so able.

In what way do you need to be cared for now, so that you can create space for your future self to become the person you envision?


We can do this together.
Humans can heal
we can recreate our stories

and with safe spaces & support
we can make 
our visions
become our reality. 

This workshop was put together specifically for my clients that are in need of a group coaching and wanted the feeling of having a supportive community of people going through similar struggles and trauma work. 

In this half day workshop, I will use trauma informed exercises to help you reground your nervous system, uncover your blocks & release what doesn't serve you. We will work to discover and claim your own needs with confidence that reconnects you to your deeper values. In a safe space you'll be given the chance to create meaningful connections, learn how to use movement, mindful focus, and breath to bring down chronic stress and anxiety, and practice exploring values and boundaries 

 to hold as you choose how to move forward. 


By joining you receive:

A morning of connection, community, healing, and growth with other incredible humans who are there to do the same! We are all coming to this workshop from different moments in our lives, but with a collective need and yearning to release ourselves from emotional weight that we carry. We are allowing ourselves this day to drop into our bodies, find a grounded space, and create an energy that can guide us through our difficult days with a bigger vision

  • 30 minute one-on-one call  before the program begins to setup your space, create your intention for the workshop and answer any questions you have before our workshop day

  • Gift basket with everything you will need for your day, snacks, teas, candle, some other cozy items, and of course your workbook!

  • Supportive space for exploration

  • Full Workbook  with exercises and functional tools you can use after the workshop 


  • Beautiful gift for you after the workshop ends...because you are worthy of receiving 

Payment Options:

  • Pay in full - $249 total 

  • 2 part payment plan - $136.95 to get your spot reserved now! ($273.90 total)

  • If money is what's stopping you, let's make a plan together!

  • Sign up no later that 1 week before workshop 


  • If you sign up late we would still love to have you! There will be a $15 late sign up fee to make sure I can get all the supplies you need in time for the workshop day! 

Release & Receive Workshop includes:
Movement, Somatic Release, Breath Work,
& Trauma informed exploration practices

*Lunch, Snacks, & Drinks provided

*Time provided to wander and have space to process
- more detailed time plan will come in your prep email

Please come ready for this work - comfy clothing and
coming as you are is encouraged!



Still not quite ready, but have questions?
Book a quick call so we can make sure this is a good fit for you!

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