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WE DID IT!! Free fridges filled!

Thanks to all of the amazing people who attended the Release & Receive trauma informed workshop at the Pea Patch in October, we were able to fill up 2 free fridges in the local area with homemade meals that can feed families in need. We were also able to donate dry food, canned goods and meats to our local community food pantry!

For every workshop run, we donate 10% of proceeds to a part of our community in need. Our goal is to provide safety, security, and humanity in any small way possible. And you all make that possible when you attend these workshops. Healing leads to more healing. Joy leads to more joy. And empathy and kindness can impact the person receiving as well as the person giving. We are all human. We all deserve to feel safe and cared for. As my papa would always so "Way to be, WAY TO BE!" So thankful for this community!

Look up if you want to help your own community!

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